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Discover the Best Golf Grips: Ultimate Grips Comparison Guide!

Most golf clubs come with standard-sized grips which are not suitable for all players, as not everyone have the same skills, size of hand and also there are different materials used for different types of weather as not everyone plays under the same conditions, another aspect to consider is weight and durability, the best option is to use the ones that suits your specific needs not the ones advertised as the best ones or the ones that the pros uses.

In the following chart you’ll find the best golf grips that are in the market, you can sort the table by any of the titles, material, size, color, price, weight and the users rating so you can choose the best option for your specific needs.

Best Golf Grips Comparison Guide

Grip Model
Weight / Grams
Winn Dri-Tac
Round Non Cord48Junior, Standard, Ladies, Midsize, OversizeBlue, Black/Red, Gray/Pink,
Dark Gray
Golf Pride Decade
Multi-Compound Grip

Golf Pride160
Rubber and Cord46.5Junior, Standard, Ladies, Midsize, OversizeBlack/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Red,
Black/Sky Blue, Black/White, Black/Yellow
Winn DuraTech
Rubber compound Elastom ETX45Standard, MidsizeBlack/Blue, Black/Blue/White, Black/Gray, Black/White$$$4.9
Lamkin Crossline

Rubber compound50Standard, Midsize, Ladies, UndersizeBlack, White Trim$$4.5
Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Lite

WinnDry (Non Cord Rubber)24Standard, Midsize, OversizeBlack, ( Red, Blue, Black Butt end)$$4
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Rubber50Standard, Midsize, Jumbo, OversizeBlack/White,
Red/White, Dark-Blue/White,
Black Widow EDGE Golf Grips
Rubber Compound50StandardWhite, Black$3.8
Lamkin Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN
Round Non Cord52Standard, Midsize, OversizeBlack, White, Gray$4
Winn Excel

Excel Polymer42Ladies, Standard, Midsize, Oversize.Black, Tan, Cooper$$4.7
Winn Pro Wrap

WinnDry Polycord52Standard, Midsize.Black$$4

Included in the Matrix are 7 columns, and also a search box to search within the table:

  • Picture, Brand and Name Model (click on it to view more details)
  • Material
  • Weight in grams (The weight is for the standard size on most cases)
  • Sizes of this model.
  • Color for this model.
  • Average price on the market. $ under $5, $$ From $5.01-$10, $$$ From $10-$15, $$$$ Over $15
  • Rating – The average user rating out of 5.0, this can be very helpful in deciding, if people are satisfied with their purchase the option may be a good one.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier


The Impact on the game

The accuracy of a golf shot is mainly impacted by the confidence we have in our swing, a big part of this starts with the proper golf grip as this is the main component of a golf club and the only one that is involve and affects every shot, stroke and putt during the game.

In golf swings the hands must be firmly attached to the club with ease and comfort without letting the golfer to squeeze tight for a better traction, a proper golf grip promotes a swing that is smooth, consistent and powerful also it improves control and distance therefore improving the score.

Aspects to consider for selecting the proper golf grips


We see year after year how new materials come into play not just for drivers and golf balls but also for golf grips so they’re offer more traction, absorb more sweat and have a better feel on our hands, the quality, comfort and lifespan mainly depends on the materials used to make them, the materials are usually soft, porous and susceptible to heat, dirt and oils, the most commonly used materials include cord, rubber, synthetic blends and leather, the grips should be durable, easy to clean and lightweight and they must allow even pressure in both the hands. After the club head impacts the ball and the ground a vibration is sent back to the hands, so one key feature of the golf grips is to minimize this vibration that’s why it is preferred to use soft ones as they absorb more vibration, this it’s been taken in consideration more often in the last years by manufacturers, even including a line of arthritic and shock absorbing grips.

Soft grips also help to absorb more moisture in the hands which occurs due to sweat and humidity, there are some models that are specially designed for people with sweaty hands, until then the ones with cord was the option for this players and the ones that plays in wet weather, another option in the past for golfers with sweaty hands was to put turn grips (The ones for tennis racquets) with the disadvantage that this increase the size of the grip, other improvement is that soft grips used to twist in our hand prior or at the moment of impact, causing inconsistent golf shots, manufacturers say that they solved this with new technology and materials that combines a firm underlayer with a soft outer layer.

It is important to consider that soft grips provide a comfortable fit but are more susceptible to wear and tear, so depending on how much you use them and how much you take care of them and clean them is going to be they’re durability, also they are more susceptible to high temperatures and heat, so try to avoid leaving your golf bag in the vehicle if you leave in a high temperature area.

Size Matters

The next point to consider is the size, as we mentioned earlier, golf club comes with standard size grips, but not all players have the same size of hands, same skills and same type of golf swing, or the same needs for gripping the golf club, so the size is not only related to the size of your hands unless you have extremely big or small hands, the size of the golf grip need to promote the correct involvement of the hands in the swing, but more important of all to avoid too much pressure of the hands over the golf club and this doesn’t have anything to do with the size of your hands but the way you grip de golf club and how much you involve your hand on the golf swing.

So, if the size of the grip is not 100% related to the size of the hands, how do you choose the proper golf grips, try, try, try, as we said before, the mental side of golf is the more important part of the game, you need first to feel comfortable to feel confidence, you need to have the correct feel on your golf clubs and on the swing to deliver the right outcome, so try, try, try, golf grips can’t be removed without damage after you regrip your clubs, so the best way to find the proper golf grips is to try them in a demo day, or with the advice of a Golf Pro who should have the same clubs with different type of grips.

Another point to consider about size is that you can play around with different sizes until you find the right one for your specific needs, you can do so by adding more or less layers of tape to the shaft, consider that one wrap of tape will increase grip size by around of 1/64.

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